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PEERFORMANCE Ltd. is regional partner of Success Insights CEE, aiming at providing objective managerial tools for supporting  successes of companies and individuals. More...
"If you become aware of your strenghts and how to use them,
you can start managing life,
not life is managing you."   
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Long-term competitive advantages?
Define success factors.

Leadership awareness and effective strategic planning?
Reach organizational goals through maximizing internal resources.

HR Management behind successes?
Select, retain and manage the Best.
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Instead of instant solutions we offer organization-specific co-operations.
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The tools recommended by PEERFORMANCE Ltd. are internationally recognized tests and assessments available in 40 languages, providing objective assessment and serving the base for strategic planning, decision making and execution regarding your workforce.

The testing tools are based on researches and validity studies from independent research teams, providing reliability and ensuring expertise in organizational, regional or international applications and comparisons of HR and OD programs’ planning, implementation and veryfication.

Assessment-based developments raise effectiveness and yield higher returns of investment through well-determined strategic success factors and optimizing resources. Raising awareness of strenghs, values and capacities prevail in outstanding benefits through maximizing organizations’ assets.

Using Internet Delivery Service (IDS), assessments are conducted online with immediate feedbacks, maintaining high-level confidentiality. Beneficial for cost-effective and well-planned budgeting, with wide-range usability and depths of analysis.

Reports are designed to provide useful, easily interpreted information along several key areas - practical to understand for Clients; while also in a statistical fashion - giving valuable professional insights to trained internal Consultants. Additionally, result savings and CRM database are provided, enabling follow-ups and advanced planning.

As strategic partners, we support enhancement of success in business and personal excellence. We value raising effectiveness through awareness and consciousness of organizational and individual success factors. During our projects we share the professionalism of assessment application and implementation with the internal consultants, managers, trainers and coaches of the organization, to support further development from internal resources.

As the users of internationally valued Success Insights (SI) Assessments are trained by us in Central-Eastern Europe, we have the widest knowledge base in terms of these tools, their applications and implementations.  We welcome both internal and external consultants to our professional training.
Assessment Basics
DISC (behavior Styles)
EQ, TQ Assessments
Motivators and Attitudes
Work Environment Reports
OD Assessments, 360
Person-Job Match and
GAP Report
Personal Talent Skills Inventory
Group Behavior
Individual and Team Coaching Reports
For more infromation about the assessments and their applications, please e-mail or call us!
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Team Behaviors

Team Motivators


TTI Advantage

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