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PEERFORMANCE Ltd. is regional partner of Success Insights CEE, aiming at providing objective managerial tools for supporting  successes of companies and individuals. More...
"If you become aware of your strenghts and how to use them,
you can start managing life,
not life is managing you."   
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Long-term competitive advantages?
Define success factors.

Leadership awareness and effective strategic planning?
Reach organizational goals through maximizing internal resources.

HR Management behind successes?
Select, retain and manage the Best.
Instead of instant solutions we offer organization-specific co-operations.
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If you know your talent and critical success factors of your company, you will perform better, become more effective and more satisfied. If you manage consciously your private- and work relationships, than you can live your life more energized, in harmony and fullness.

In case work demands continuous communication, your effectiveness can be raised through awareness of various communication stlyles - including the strenghts in our own ways of communication and the differing from others'.

Only based on these assets may communication strategies be efficient and flexible, with self-understanding, self-confidence and the adequate level of empathy. 

If as a manager you recognize the strenghts and differences of your colleges communication styles,  you can manage your team more effectively, motivate your people more consciously, resulting in higher effectiveness in your company and reducing potentially emerging conflict.

Our programs give answers for company and organization managers in the following areas:
Development for Contact and Call Center HR Management:
·Using internationally recognized, validated tests and questionnaires in the managerial work
·HR, managerial and Call Center audit
·Organization culture assessment, performance and talent audit
·Selection, retention, succession planning
·Trainings (managerial competence development, communication, cooperation,
conflict management, talent management, stress management, etc.)
·Consulting, accreditation
·On-the Job Coaching for Supervisors

For CC and Contact Center Employees:
Call Center Excellence Training Program, after which employees will be able to
understand strenghts and know how to rely on them, in difficult, emotion-driven circumstances,
to understand self and others’ style and structure
be more conscious in conversations
to handle conflicts,stand up or personal professional interest in a
conflicting situation without hurt others’ interest
to maximize personal effectiveness on clients
to handle stressful situations in a positive way
Download flyer: CC pdf

Call Center Excellence Training Program
3 days

For Participants including:
    - 3 day training
   - personal assessment and feedback
(50 pages/participant)
   - handouts
   - consultancy
   - previous knowlegde assessment

For Client (CEO, HR) including:
   - team dynamics (strenghts and possibilities) assessment (feedback and written)
- consultancy for development planning and performance management system implemetation