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PEERFORMANCE Ltd. is regional partner of Success Insights CEE, aiming at providing objective managerial tools for supporting  successes of companies and individuals. More...
"If you become aware of your strenghts and how to use them,
you can start managing life,
not life is managing you."   
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Long-term competitive advantages?
Define success factors.

Leadership awareness and effective strategic planning?
Reach organizational goals through maximizing internal resources.

HR Management behind successes?
Select, retain and manage the Best.
Instead of instant solutions we offer organization-specific co-operations.
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Our Knowlegde-Sharing Programs aim at building internal competence and widening the scopes of using internal resources.
Designed and specified for HR Management and Expertees, for gaining professional knowledge, insights of understanding and expertise in interpreting.

Depending on the apparent practices of our Clients, we offer and suggest different ways of cooperation - from auditing to execution, from OD Assessments to individual feedbacks, and from Open Workshops to Coach-the-Coach facilities. Still, in all cases we prefer strenghtening Clients’ own assets and resources for self-supported further development.

Through the Know-How Sharing of our practices with expertees we train interal Consultants of organizations for maximizing effectiveness of planning and execution; managers, coaches, trainers and facilitators to widen the scope of their expertise and to increase excellence within their applied practices.

We offer reliable assessment tools together with the expertise of using them, coaching and support for internal Consultants along their demands.

We train, prepare and accredit internal Consultants of organisations for adequate applications of the Toolkit, incorporated with own partices. As Peerformance Ltd. is Success Insights CEE’s regional partner, internal Consultants trained and coached by us may also aquire internationally recognised Accreditation and Certifications of the Success Insights HR Academy, authorizing their level of proficiency.

We handle Knowlegde-Coaching as personalized and flexible, offered in forms of 2-days trainings and distance learning opportunities, focused on the fields of individual and organizational priorities for practical and effective co/operations.

Additionally, we participate in scientific researches and lecturing at Hungarian top universities: Corvinus University Executive MBA, illetve a BME Organizational Psychology MA and Ph.D Programs.
·application of professional tools for diagnosing organizations, jobs, teams, individuals and potential employees
·possibility to use the tools in-house and expertise of application and interpretation
· competence to choose the most appropriate local or regional accredited Consultant, Trainer or Coach for internal Clients of their organization
· beside insights, Consultants are provided Support, Supervision and Consultant-Coaching facilities
·may also acquire internationally recognized certificates authorizing the use of titles:
Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (CPBA) and Certified Professional Values Analyst (CPVA);
may engage in further studies of competence, TriMetrix® and DNA® assessments,
and gain the title Certified Professional of Trimatrix (CPT),
by participating in the Success Insights HR Academy and Accreditation Program