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PEERFORMANCE Ltd. is regional partner of Success Insights CEE, aiming at providing objective managerial tools for supporting  successes of companies and individuals. More...
"If you become aware of your strenghts and how to use them,
you can start managing life,
not life is managing you."   
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Long-term competitive advantages?
Define success factors.

Leadership awareness and effective strategic planning?
Reach organizational goals through maximizing internal resources.

HR Management behind successes?
Select, retain and manage the Best.
Instead of instant solutions we offer organization-specific co-operations.
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Participants of Leadership Excellence Programs should find their own aims, assets, leadership style and strengthen them, in order to be able to make the maximum of the human resources, to understand the impacts of their decisions on effectiveness, while maintaining a harmonious lifestyle.

After the 2 days

Leadership Training Program the participants will be able to
Recognise their own strengths and further development areas
To define and strengthen their own leadership style based on increased self-awareness
To use effectively the new tools for: defining aims, communication, listening to others,
giving feedback, delegation of tasks, motivating
To make advantage of the synergies of the team
To operate their organisational unit in a more effective way
To manage the organisational changes in a less painful but more effective way

During the Running My Own Business Szimulációs Program participants will:
have the possibility to manage a company through a long period
have the possibility to try themselves in different positions, as CEO, CFO, Sales manager)
make 30-40 decisions per periods through the whole value chain, e.g.:
•what kind of products to produce?
•how to finance it, cash or loans?
•how much money to spend on the training of the employees?
•what type of marketing actions to take?
•how to position the products on the market?

•how to participate in the tendering processes?
•what kind of proposal to make?
•what to do with the stocks?
Analyse the impacts of their decisions and
learn how to transfer experiences to real life.

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