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To reach harmony and balance in your life, to understand and handle your relationship, to reach personal goals and successes, first you should get to know and understand yourself.

Great people in our history were the same in one respect: they knew themselves. Meaning the lack of underestimation, but knowing their skills, together with their personal limitations. Were able to develop plans to enjoy their strenghts, based on which could reach the performance they needed - even in highly demanding situations.

The body-soul-mind unity (that is the whole self) is important for developing a positive picture of oneself. To reach this both our and others personal characteristics and drives should be known, along which we can develop harmony with our environment.

Our method is based on raising awareness of personal skills, communication style, individual preferencies and attitudes. Not along standardized trainings, rather in forms of open workshops, programs for self-understandings and building individual development, with respect to  participants'  age, professional and social characteristics.

Building an asset of the past, living balanced and fully in the present, and handling our knowledge of ourselves and others let us develop and maintain  a lifestyle along our own expectations and self.
On our programs we work together with you in finding solution to these questions.
We always welcome new attendants to our evening and 1-2 days workshops.

The Complex Self-Understanding Program of Peerformance is based on the following three main modules:
"Who knows others is learned,
who knows himself is wise."
Lao Tse   
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The first step to participate in any training program is self-understanding,
via online testing and a following personal feedback
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