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"Who knows others is learned,
who knows himself is wise."
Lao Tse   
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PEERFORMANCE Ltd. is regional partner of Success Insights CEE, aiming at providing objective managerial tools for supporting  successes of companies and individuals. More...
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During our life we gain a lot of knowledge and several skills, behind which our naturally given, innate talents often remain hidden. Though, realizing what our talent is for, how in our carrier we may use it is necessary for living fully and being satisfied with ourselves.

In any life period it worths questioning, why we are doing such things that do not exhibit our talent and maximize our possibilities. What price we pay for engaging in activities that do not fit our natural abilities?

Some spend less, some spend more time with activities that do not belong to his/her strenghts. With awareness of our talent map, we can manage everyday obstacles more easily and can perform better in the fields demanding our naturally given abilities.

Objective assessment of our strenghts and areas to develop is profitable in every aspect of living. Only knowing our personal talent map can we set the right goals and plan our way of reaching them.

Who knows his/her talent and is able to consciously manage it through knowing the methods of unfolding, will be more effective and happy in his/her private and professional life, hobbies, relationships - maintaining his/her own way of living. 

The main goal of individual talent map is to understand personal differences and similarities, to find the activities most appropriate to ourselves, refilling us with energy every day.

We emphasize to handle personal skills, education and talent management as a complex field of success. Our professionals - besides individual development plans - work also in institutional and organizational development programs, and with creative and sport teams' management. Due to these, we have manifold experiences from practical sides. Including education, students, employees and mangers. We believe this is what makes career orientation and career planning realistic.
Do you Study?
You would like to, but don't know which profession to choose?
Do use attend the collage that fits you?
Are you waiting to finish to deal with your hobbies instead of being in school?
In how many years will you realize you should have studied something else?
Peerformance Talent Map,
Career Orientation and Learning Excellence

Do you Work?
Are you using your natural talent?
Do you work in the position that fits you the best?
Are you successful in and satisfied with your carreer?
How much time do you spend on activities that do not belong to your strengths?
Can you
maximize your potentials?
Peerformance Talent Map,
Career Plan and Life-Coaching